Added PromoDJ as optional search channel

Hello pirates, 

today we want to thank Tubidy MP3 for our new PromoDJ search channel. They offered us their search engine for that channel and we accepted to include it into our search process.

So now you need to know what you will find on PromoDJ.

PromoDJ is a platform for DJs to upload their remixes of known songs and show it to a community of other DJs. Every remix is free for download. So you see, it's a new direct mp3 download channel. 

PromoDJ was created in October 2005 by Sergey Korovkin and Sergey Keplin and is till now, in Alexas top 7000 websites world wide. PromoDJ got strict goals, since the first second of their life.

They want to:

  • give DJs, producers, club photographers, VJs, singers and poets the opportunity to publish their work.
  • give clubbers and normal listeners the opportunity to find, listen to, watch and review new stuff
  • give promoters the opportunity to attract more people to their parties.

Do they reach it? Try them out and search for your wanted music.

PromoDJ is till now, most popular in russia but they are open for every DJ worldwide and completely translated in english.

Give that mp3 search channel a try and maybe find your new favourite remix.